• Decision Partners

    Building and supporting Mental Modeling Technology™-based consulting products for professionals in government, corporate, consulting and research worldwide

    Our state-of-the-science decision support tools comprising expert knowledge, methods and guidance provide new, differentiating opportunities for professional service providers

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  • Mental Modeling Technology™

    Powerful approach to better understand and influence judgment, decision making and behavior

    Leaders’ success turns on their ability to shape people’s judgment, key decisions and key behaviors. Scientifically validated and proven over two decades of application, Mental Modeling Technology™ is their preferred approach

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  • Leverage MMT™

    Mental Modeling Technology™ Offering New Opportunities for Professionals

    We are looking for professionals interested in blending our technology into their capabilities to deliver innovative solutions. Leverage Mental Modeling Technology™ to grow your practice and brand.

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  • Science-informed, Evidence-based

    Applicable to any topic, any set of behaviors in the world.

    What would you do if you had a proven technology and systematic process for reliably and precisely influencing people’s judgment, decision making and behavior? The possibilities for MMT™ solutions are unlimited.

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  • Understanding Mental Models

    Deep insight into the most powerful influences on judgment, decision making and behavior.

    Success turns on informing people's decisions and shaping their key beliefs and behaviors by systematically addressing their mental models.

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